This site is devoted to a series of essays written by the father of a girl born with Down syndrome.  Delivered in parts and installments, they will take you along, from Birth Day to Birthday, through Lucy and her family’s first year experiences.

From the delivery room and the diagnosis, from home health to heart surgery, from feeding tubes to freedom, the hope is that if you are new to “the community,” as we are, in these writings you will find something that you identify with, and that will bring comfort and familiarity into your new reality: the unknown.

Through our partnership with the National Down Syndrome Society,  readers who wish to do so can make donations of any amount to Lucy’s fundraiser page, “Lulu & the Lettuce Patch”.  100% of the funds donated go to the NDSS, which seeks to be the national advocate for the value, acceptance and inclusion of people with Down syndrome.  Learn more about them at ndss.org.


Dedicated to Lucy, naturally, who was born in the Spring of 2012.